Arabella Santiago

I've got a city girl's curiosity and an island girl's soul. I was born in the Philippines and raised on the East Coast. I've lived in NYC, LA, Chicago and Miami, but moving to San Francisco changed my life. I'm getting married in September to the most fun man I've ever met. In October, we'll embark on an adventure I've always dreamed of (and regrettably, I had never prioritized until now.)

I started my career as a newspaper reporter, and ever since then, I've never stopped sharing people's stories. I've successfully started my own company, and successfully failed. I will try again one day. I am an admirer and gatherer of inspired women. I co-founded SIPWomen, a group bringing together wine + inspiration.

The only time I like to be left alone is when I'm cooking. When faced with adversity, I say, #makeithappen. I believe that challenges are parameters within which you are forced to become more resourceful and creative. I welcome opportunities that help people savor the best things in life.

Photo by Alfred Castino